Monday, 26 March 2012


I may have mentioned before that I have a slight chair fetish that shows no sign of abating. There are currently nineteen dining chairs in a two bed apartment with two inhabitants. I can only hope that my ever expanding rear will never need more than two chairs at any one time and as my dining table can sit eight at a stretch that leaves me with an excess of 10ish chairs.                                                             

This dainty little number had a broken leg that was being supported by shabby upholstery alone and had to be reduced to kindling before a makeover could begin. Some glue, a few screws, new fabric and several (five) coats of paint later and the chair is bright, fresh and beautiful and most importantly capable of keeping an admittedly diminutive rear firmly off the floor.

My daughter took a shine to this so it was never going to be for sale. Chair numbers remain at nineteen and climbing then.