Tuesday, 29 November 2011


It was the legs on this Edwardian table that first sold it me though I have to confess to having a thing about antique/vintage tables anyway....and chairs... and sometimes mirrors. At one point I had 4 desks/dressing-tables and approx. 15 chairs in my two bed apartment but luckily the desk above has sold and made it's way to my lovely first official customer and the grey desk in the previous post has attracted a few inquiries that will hopefully result in a new home soon.

This is the desk above in it's original dismantled dressing-table state. It's mahogany and was in good condition when I found it apart from two inches of dust and some broken handles. By the fifth coat of paint I was regretting choosing white but once finished, I was so tempted to keep it. This is going to be the hardest part of this miniature new business and one they didn't warn me about at the start your own business class. I managed to part with this one in the end but I'm not ready to talk about those 15 chairs yet...

Drawers lined with a shot of Laura Ashley's "Hortense" to make bill paying cheerier.

If you've got legs like these flaunt them!

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